About Artisan Food

“Almyra”, Premium natural sea salt, fine herbs & spices is a brand under Perdikaris Artisan Food Trading Co., which is dedicated to bring Greek artisan food & beverages to the ever growing demand for quality produce in Europe and the world.

We outsource the best from small producers who share the same vision with us and can guarantee an uninterrupted quality and flow of produce to agreed quotas. All our producers have ISO 22000/ HACCP and ISO 9001 certifications in line with EU regulations.

Specifically for our Fleur de sel we have been scouting not only for the best quality but also for a partner that could ensure that when needed we can meet the demand from our clients at the time they need it always ensuring that the source of our salts remains the same with exactly the same high quality standards that we have set.

As our producer, an “old salt”, says not all salt pans give the same quality salt. He explains that he is scouting for best fleur de sel in terms of its sparkling white tone and other little secrets that run in the business for many years now. Messolonghi has been known for its saltpans for thousands of years due to its distinctive landscape blessed with abundant sunshine and cool gentle sea breezes that help the drying process to be just right.

“Almyra” the meaning behind our brand.

Almyra in Greek means sea saltiness. We couldn’t think of a better name for our salt, spices and herbs to describe our undisputed connection with the sea and its white gold.

We have added our two tailed mermaid, a mythological figure described as “Tritonis” who according to mythology was a granddaughter of Poseidon the god of the sea, and she, along other mermaids were accompanying sea divinities which in our case is our salt to come ashore!

A little about our product range.

Almyra Fleur de sel is what has actually inspired us to start our range of premium sea salts, spices and herb business as it was too good to just keep it for ourselves. Once discovering this gift of the sea there was no going back to any other alternative. It gives life and depth to every dish with still the best, being with freshly baked bread with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with Almyra fleur de sel. This somehow brings all the Mediterranean in a plate wherever you are.

How to shop

We will soon feature more details concerning our products as well as retail shops and e-shops to purchase them as we currently only do wholesale.


Thank you for your loyalty and wish you to enjoy our brands to their maximum. For more information, feel free to contact us.